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Thank you for taking the time for yourself and your mental well-being.


Now that you are here, I assume that there is something that you are looking for and need assistance with, and I am here to aid you in this quest of yours while helping you understand and navigate the changes that you may be experiencing. Especially in the post-pandemic era, one must tend to one's mental health. The challenges and obstacles of our lives can often be unpredictable and unprecedented, like the difficulties COVID-19 brought with it, but seeking professional help to deal with them is not only the responsible thing to do but is needed to improve your overall health and quality of life.

In my attempts to provide you the support and comfort that you seek in your journey of self-recovery or growth, I want to emphasize that we as fellow humans will try our best to work together towards achieving your goals of inner tranquility and wellness. If you have ever been told that you must have everything sorted out and be fully prepared before deciding to take up counselling or therapy, disregard that. I believe that as humans we are all perfectly imperfect and have certain areas where we all can improve. Even us counsellors are not superhuman, and not immune to negative circumstances or emotions. In fact, this very fact helps us connect with others better, and enables us to provide you with the guidance and solutions you as an individual may require, specifically tailored to your needs. 


My approach to therapy is eclectic, however, the formation and maintenance of a therapeutic alliance is the foremost important concept in my work as a therapist. I believe that an empathetic, warm, unconditional, and non-judgmental environment are key ingredients in allowing you to be the authentic ‘You’ during the sessions. The more genuine the sessions, the better is the process of healing and recovery facilitated.

A counsellor may be the expert in understanding thoughts, behaviours, and emotions. But you are the best person when it comes to knowing your own self. Hence, I believe in providing you the opportunity to be the driver of your own bus. I shall be there next to you as an assistant, to ensure that you make informed decisions from time to time, but the decisions will be (as they should be) entirely yours.  

As your journey of mental well-being progresses, I want you to feel lighter, unrestrained, energized, and productive. So, let’s get started and begin this invigorating journey together. I look forward to connecting with you and feel free to reach out with any questions or reservations that you may have. Hope to cater to all your mental and emotional well-being needs to the best of my abilities. Remember, there are no substitutes for self-love and self-care and in order to practice them you need a healthy mind and an open mindedness towards it.


Online counselling

Meet Your Therapist

Meet your therapist over a Free 15-minutes video/phone call.

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Individual Therapy

Book One-On-One sessions for:

- Anxiety

- Personality Disorders

- Mood Disorders

- Depression

- Trauma Counselling

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Couples Therapy

Couples/Family Therapy

Book therapy sessions for:

- Marriage or Relationship Issues

- Family Conflict

- Caregiver Burnout

- Work/Life Balance

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